Step 1
Eligibility depends upon your family�s income level as identified by the Federal Government. Click here to view where you fall under these guidelines. Proof of income level is required to apply. Bring copies of your tax return, W-2 forms or current payroll stubs if applicable. 
Step 2
Locate your child�s birth certificate or other method of identification. If you have a passport, a crib card, or a medical card for your child that bears his date of birth, bring it along. Proof of age is required. Head Start services are for children ages birth to 5.
Step 3
Use this online tool to locate a Head Start center near you. You can search by City, Zip or State.

Now that you know if you are eligible for services, be sure to visit or call the Head Start program about their availability.

Also... request a copy of your child�s immunization records from your doctor�s office or public health center.  Your child will need proof that he has received the required immunizations. If you do not have these, Health staff will help coordinate appointments to do so.

Make a list of any special needs your child has... from speech to any physical impairment. Programs are available to assist in these areas.
Most community Head Start programs offer prenatal and home-based visits, up to age 3 on a weekly basis. For children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, center-based programs are available.
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