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Texas Head Start Association Announces Strategic Partnership with H.G. Jones & Associates to Strengthen Governance and Leadership and Enhance Professional Development and Training Programs throughout the State

Austin, TX, May 21, 2024 — The Texas Head Start Association (TXHSA) advocates for the provision of high-quality, comprehensive early childhood education services to children from low-income families across Texas. By supporting and enhancing the work of Head Start programs, the TXHSA aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed in school and life. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of advocacy and professional development programs for Head Start educators and administrators across all of Texas's Head Start and Early Head Start programs.


This partnership will leverage the expertise of H.G. Jones & Associates in delivering cutting-edge training methodologies and resources, tailored specifically for the unique needs of Head Start professionals. The focus will be on equipping educators with the latest skills and knowledge to foster a nurturing and effective learning environment for children from low-income families.


Key Objectives of the Partnership Include:


1. Customized Training Programs: Develop and implement training modules that address the specific challenges and opportunities within the Head Start and Early Head Start framework, to ensure all content is relevant and immediately applicable.


2. Enhanced Leadership Development: Offer targeted leadership training to Head Start and Early Head Start administrators to improve program management and outcomes, thereby strengthening the overall impact of Head Start initiatives.


3. Continuous Professional Growth: Establish a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) pathway for educators, enabling them to stay updated with the latest educational practices and pedagogies.


4. Workshops and Seminars: Host regular workshops, seminars, and webinars led by industry experts, providing Head Start and Early Head Start staff with opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and peer-to-peer networking.


5. Evaluation and Feedback: Implementing a robust system for evaluating the effectiveness of the training programs and incorporating feedback to continuously improve and adapt the offerings.


Quotes from Key Stakeholders:


“We are thrilled to partner with the Texas Head Start Association to support the professional growth of administrators, educators, support staff, and partners who play a critical role in early care and development,” said Henry Jones, CEO of H.G. Jones & Associates. “Our goal is to empower Head Start professionals with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to make a profound difference in the lives of low-income children and families.”


Weldon T. Beard, President of the Texas Head Start Association, added, “This partnership with H.G. Jones & Associates is a significant step forward in our mission to provide high-quality early education services. The professional development opportunities this collaboration brings will help ensure our educators and leaders are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our communities.”


About H.G. Jones & Associates:

H.G. Jones & Associates (HGJA), a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8a firm and a premier provider of professional development and training services dedicated to empowering educators and administrators with innovative tools and resources. HGJA is committed to excellence and aims to drive positive change in the early care and education sector through strategic partnerships and customized training solutions.


For more information about this partnership and upcoming training programs, please contact:


Media Contact:

Karla Jones  

VP of Operations/Managing Support Partner

TXHSA / HG Jones & Associates  

Phone: (312) 263-0960  


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